Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist
Drug Monitoring Program

Prescriptive Authorities for Pharmacists
ONE Opioid and Naloxone Education
Drug Repository Program
Retail Meth Watch
Immunization Resources

COVID Screening Guidelines

Pharmacy Preparation

Access videos and documents to prepare the pharmacy to provide COVID-19 Screening

Screening Form

Edit this form to fit your pharmacy needs to screen patients and collect consent. Make sure to insert the name of your pharmacy in the bolded portion of the consent.

Patient Informational Pamphlet

Provide this pamphlet to patients being screened for COVID-19

Sample Collection

Information on how to collect a nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal sample can be found here.

Personal Protective Equipment

Information on how to properly use PPE can be found here.

Fillable Lab Form

This is a fillable PDF. Fill the form with your own pharmacy information. Then, complete this form for every patient sample collected and provide it with the sample.

Lab Results Template

When results are faxed to your pharmacy, they will come on a form such as this.

To view PDF files, download Adobe Reader.