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Naloxone Prescribing for Pharmacists

Pharmacists can now prescribe Naloxone as a vital link in preventing over-dose deaths from heroin and other illegal and illicit narcotics - alone or in combination with other drugs and / or alcohol.

Naloxone Prescribing Pharmacy Search

What does the pharmacist need to do?

FIRST: Review the rule at

SECOND: Take one of the available training programs:

THIRD: Click here to sign up as a trained pharmacist, which will let the public find you and your pharmacy, when needing a prescription.

FOURTH: Get busy taking care of patients: You can be the prescriber so your name goes, as a mid-level, on the prescription. You can always work with a practitioner under a collaborative agreement and in that case that person's name goes on the prescription. Payment depends on the payer and whether the prescription is for the at risk individual or another party.

Other Resources

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