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Board of Pharmacy Rule Change's effective January 1, 2024

61-01-01 - Organization of Board
61-02-01-03 - Pharmaceutical Compounding Standards
61-02-07.1 - Pharmacy Technician
61-03-01 - Pharmacist Licensure
61-04-10 - CLIA Waived Test
61-04-12 - Limited Prescriptive Authority Naloxone

Board Office Relocation

The Board of Pharmacy office has now moved to the address listed below. The new phone/fax number are also listed below for the Board and the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Feel free to reach out by email to if you have any questions.

North Dakota Board of Pharmacy
1838 E Interstate Ave Suite D
Bismarck, ND 58503

701-877-2404 (Board Main Number)
701-877-2405 (Fax number)
701-877-2410 (PDMP Line)

Pharmacist’s Limited Prescriptive Authority

The Board of Pharmacy had finalized administrative rules effective January 1st, 2022 which will provide pharmacists the independent authority to prescribe immunizations and tobacco cessation therapies according to statewide protocols approved by the Board. This authority was granted through passage of Senate Bill 2221 during the 67th legislative session. The Administrative Rule, Statewide Protocols, and helpful resources to implement these authories can all be found here.

Board of Pharmacy to Offer Controlled Substance Disposal Locations to the Public

The Board of Pharmacy has provided an opportunity for North Dakota pharmacies to offer a drug disposal program. Participating pharmacies are providing access to a secure and safe way to dispose of controlled substances for their patients. This will provide a mechanism to reduce the amount of medications in a patient's residence to assure they are not diverted or misused. Information about participating pharmacy locations along with the ND Attorney General's Take Back program location can be accessed at the following link: Disposal location options. For North Dakota pharmacies: Please contact the Board office if you are interested in offering this service.

Board of Pharmacy rules to become effective January 1st, 2022.

61-02-07.1-07 – Pharmacy Technician Registration Requirements (77 KB PDF)
61-03-01-04 – Pharmacist Licensure Transfer (90 KB PDF)
61-04-04 – Unprofessional Conduct (107 KB PDF)
61-04-11 – Administration of Medications and Immunizations (116 KB PDF)
61-04-14 – Limited Prescriptive Authority for Immunizations (99 KB PDF)
61-04-15 – Limited Prescriptive Authority for Tobacco Cessation Therapies (105 KB PDF)

Durable Medical Equipment Licensure for North Dakota Required by August 1, 2013

Durable Medical Equipment Licensure for North Dakota Required by August 1, 2013 - click here for details.

Click here for SB 2342 which includes the licensing requirements.

Obtaining a NPLEx Account

If your pharmacy sells ephedrine and/or pseudoephedrine over the counter, you will need to request access to the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx) by visiting Please click on the appropriate state and complete the survey for an NPLEx account. Once your account has been verified, you will be contacted by Appriss, provider of NPLEx, to inform you of next steps.

DEA Issues Statement on Role of Authorized Agents in Communicating Controlled Substance Prescriptions to Pharmacies

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has issued a statement of policy to provide guidance under existing law regarding the proper role of a duly authorized agent of a DEA-registered individual practitioner in connection with the communication of a controlled substance prescription to a pharmacy.

For more information and a sample of the Designated Agent to Communicate Controlled Substance Prescriptions to Pharmacies form, please click here.

Our Mission

The Board of Pharmacy protects, preserves and promotes the public health and welfare of the citizens of North Dakota by assuring that the highest quality pharmaceutical care is delivered and that appropriate use of pharmaceuticals is upheld through education, communication, licensing, legislation, regulation, and enforcement.

We Value


Pharmacy is a service profession. The philosophy of pharmaceutical care focuses on the patient as the beneficiary of pharmacists' activities. The responsible provision of pharmaceutical therapy for the purpose of achieving definite outcomes is intended to improve patient's quality of life.


Our profession acknowledges and pursues the highest ethical standards in all endeavors. Honesty and integrity guide all interactions with patients, other healthcare practitioners, and the general public.

Professional Competence

Our profession requires that pharmacists possess the knowledge and skills to practice pharmacy as contemporarily defined.

We Envision

A profession that is recognized as primary healthcare provider capable of responding to society’s healthcare needs.