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This page offers information about participating pharmacies and prescribers.


The North Dakota State Board of Pharmacy presents the information on this website as a service to the public. The Board shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for any damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.

Participant Location Phone
B & B Northwest Pharmacy Minot, ND 7018382213
Badlands Human Service Center Dickinson, ND 7012533868
Beach Medical Clinic Beach, ND 7018723777
Beulah Drug Co. Beulah, ND 7018735215
Bottineau Clinic Pharmacy Bottineau, ND 7012282220
Bottineau Clinic Pharmacy Bottineau, ND 7012282220
Bowman Drug Company [The] Bowman, ND 7015233233
Carrington Drug, Inc. Carrington, ND 7016522521
Central Avenue Pharmacy Valley City, ND 7018455280
Central Pharmacy Carrington, ND 7016522651
Central Pharmacy Inc New Rockford, ND 7019475313
Central Pharmacy Inc. Carrington, ND 7016522651
Chase Drug Company Washburn, ND 7014628174
Chase Pharmacy Inc Garrison, ND 7014632242
Clinic Pharmacy Devils Lake, ND 7016624427
Clinic Pharmacy Dickinson, ND 7014834401
Clinic Pharmacy, Inc. Dickinson, ND 7014834401
Cooperstown Drug Cooperstown, ND 7017972414
Corner Drug Store of Wahpeton,Inc. Wahpeton, ND 7016425595
Dakota Clinic Pharmacy on 32nd Ave FARGO, ND 7013647800
Dakota Drug of Stanley Stanley, ND 7016282255
Dakota Pharmacy of Bismarck, Inc. Bismarck, ND 7012551881
Enderlin Pharmacy Enderlin, ND 7014372464
Family Medicine Residency Pharmacy Grand Forks, ND 7017806870
Forman Drug Forman, ND 7017246222
Gateway Health Mart Pharmacy MandanG Mandan, ND 7016671843
Hankinson Drug Hankinson, ND 7012427414
Hazen Drug Inc. Hazen, ND 7017482312
Hazen Drug Inc. Hazen, ND 7017482312
Hazen Drug Store Hazen, ND 7017482312
Heart of America Clinic Pharmacy Rugby, ND 7017762531
Hillsboro Rexall Drug Inc Hillsboro, ND 7016365231
Inspire Pharmacy Grand Forks, ND 7017574407
Irsfeld Pharmacy Dickinson, ND 7014834858
KB Pharmacy dba Grafton Drug Grafton, ND 7013520831
Killdeer Pharmacy Inc. Killdeer, ND 7017645093
LaMoure Drug Store, Inc. LaMoure, ND 7018835339
Lake Region Human Service Center Devils Lake, ND 7012533868
Lakota Drug Lakota, ND 7012472781
Lakota Drug Lakota, ND 7012472781
Larsen Service Drug New Town, ND 7016272410
Larsen Service Drug, Inc. Watford City, ND 7014442410
LifeScript Pharmacy Fargo, ND 7012054545
Market Pharmacy Minot, ND 7018398883
Mayo Pharmacy, Inc. Bismarck, ND 7012232424
Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy Dickinson, ND 7012278265
Medicine Shoppe The Fargo, ND 7012933060
Medicine Shoppe [The] Jamestown, ND 7012523002
Mercy Hospital Pharmacy Williston, ND 7017747433
Mott Drug Store, Inc Mott, ND 7018242897
ND Pharmacy Inc Dickinson, ND 7012254434
ND Pharmacy West Dickinson, ND 7014830724
ND Pharmacy, Inc. Williston, ND 7015724181
NDSU Fargo, ND 7012316685
Neumann Drug Inc. Cando, ND 7019683531
New England Drug New England, ND 7015794130
North Central Human Services Minot, ND 7012533868
Northeast Human Service Center Grand Forks, ND 7012533868
Northwest Human Service Center Williston, ND 7012533868
Oakes Drug, Inc. Oakes, ND 7017422118
Oakes Family Pharmacy Oakes, ND 7017422118
Off Main Fargo, ND 7012533868
PSJ Acquisition dba Prairie St John's Pharmacy Fargo, ND 7014787550
PSJ Acquisition, LLC Fargo, ND 7014767251
Prairie St John's Fargo, ND 7014787550
Presentation Medical Center Rolla, ND 7014773161ext. 3623
Ramsey Drug Inc Devisl Lake, ND 7016623117
Ray Family Medical Center Ray, ND 7015682796
Rolla Drug Inc Rolla, ND 7014773174
SKripts Pharmacy West Fargo, ND 7012812222
Seip Prescription Shoppe #12 Fargo, ND 7013730685
Selzler Pharmacy dba Medicine Shoppe #1677 Harvey, ND 7013242295
Service Drug and Gift Inc. Harvey, ND 7013242227
Skip's Budget Drug Grand Forks, ND 7017724805
South Central Human Services Jamestown, ND 7012533868
Southeast Human Service Center Fargo, ND 7012533868
St Alexius Med Ct Pharmacy Bismarck, ND 7015306906
St. Alexius Mandan Pharmacy Mandan, ND 7015303750
TAT White Shield Telepharmacy Roseglen, ND 7017434380
Tara's Thrifty White, LLC Oakes, ND 7017423824
The Bowman Drug Company, Inc. Bowman, ND 7015233233
The Medicine Shoppe MANDAN, ND 7016631151
The Medicine Shoppe Dickinson, ND 7012278265
The Medicine Shoppe Fargo, ND 7012930221
The Medicine Shoppe #2133 Fargo, ND 7016396969
The Medicine Shoppe #80 Fargo, ND 7012933060
Thrifty White Pharmacy #043 Mandan, ND 7016635188
Thrifty White Pharmacy #017 Minot, ND 7018524181
Thrifty White Pharmacy #034 Dickinson, ND 7012254421
Thrifty White Pharmacy #039 Fargo, ND 7012355511
Thrifty White Pharmacy #043 Mandan, ND 7016635188
Thrifty White Pharmacy #046 West Fargo, ND 7012815695
Thrifty White Pharmacy #053 Cavalier, ND 701-265-4744
Thrifty White Pharmacy #059 Valley City, ND 7018451763
Thrifty White Pharmacy #065 Grafton, ND 7013521760
Thrifty White Pharmacy #065 Grafton, ND 7013521760
Thrifty White Pharmacy #067 Williston, ND 7017743923
Thrifty White Pharmacy #068 Fargo, ND 7014788122
Thrifty White Pharmacy #075 wahpeton, ND 7016422336
Thrifty White Pharmacy #078 Dickinson, ND 7012270191
Thrifty White Pharmacy #081 Grand Forks, ND 7017461800
Thrifty White Pharmacy #082 Bismarck, ND 7012581412
Thrifty White Pharmacy #083 Bismarck, ND 7012557220
Thrifty White Pharmacy #084 Bismarck, ND 7012583736
Trinity Hospital Pharmacy Minot, ND 701-857-5548
Trinity Hospital Pharmacy Minot, ND 7018575548
Turtle Lake Drug Turtle Lake, ND 7014482542
Turtle Lake Rexall Drug, Inc. Turtle Lake, ND 7014482542
Velva Drug Co Velva, ND 7013382911
Wahpeton Drug Wahpeton, ND 7016429211
Walgreens #12509 Moorhead, MN 2183312668
Walhalla Prescription Shop Walhalla, ND 7015492662
West Central Human Services Bismarck, ND 7012533868
White Drug #05 Bismarck, ND 7012230945
White Drug #09 Grand Forks, ND 7017754209
White Drug #15 Jamestown, ND 7012525980
White Drug #40 Minot, ND 7018520388
White Drug #45 Jamestown, ND 7012511432
White Drug #47 dba Bell Drug Devils Lake, ND 7016623022
White Drug #50 Rugby, ND 7017765741
White Drug #55 Hettinger, ND 7015672533
White Drug #63 Devils Lake, ND 7016626270
White Drug #71 Linton, ND 7012545432
Ye Olde Medicine Shoppe Inc Park River, ND 7012847676
Ye Olde Medicine Shoppe dba Drayton Drug Drayton, ND 7014543831

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